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Religion is a region with a li(e) in it

religion is a region with a li(e) in it

Religion is a region with a li(e) in it

Freeing God’s Slaves: 
The Emperor Wears No Clothes

“Is anything god’s work? God doesn’t do any work – he just gets his peasants to do it for him.”
- Wonder Boy, Aged 8

Humans (domesticated primates) have long been trained to worship externalised gods – a dangerous addiction humankind has carried forth from its primat-ive childhood; a merely imagined need that usually serves to only impede progressive change and unfolding evolution. Protective and instructive deities are nothing more nor less than the parent figures all children crave. All wise kids eventually learn that obeying the often arbitrary dictates of others who are actually just overblown, overgrown, adulterated children is a dumb idea.

Respect must be earned. Most elders in modern societies have far less of value to impart to subsequent generations than did their more ‘primitive’ tribal counterparts. Many older people are the same simpletons and ignoramuses they were when they were young. Those who claim to be today’s authority figures are almost all control freaks at best, and clinical psychopaths at worst. Almost all conspire to fatten themselves on poisonous excesses at the expense of the ecosystem that truly nourishes their children; mindlessly slaving away at tasks which destroy the planet and alienate them from their loved ones, with the idiot excuse that they’re ‘supporting their families’.

In the modern world ‘bosses’ are actually parasites, sucking life from the host of workers who labour under their dictates. CEOs are nothing more than common enemy overlords. The further up the ‘ladder of success’ one progresses, the more excesses and crimes of omission are committed. And everyone who toils on that ladder is equally culpable, supporting and maintaining a loathsome system with their precious time and effort.

Many ‘bosses’ earn fantastically higher wages than those who toil at much harder jobs – as intrinsically unfair, untrue and unjust as any racist dictate of classic caste or class systems. Those who crave power are those who deserve it the least. Anyone who sucks and arse-kisses their way up the totem pole is best pitied and avoided – not praised. Independent contractors and others who are their own bosses are the freest workers in the modern feudal wage slave era.

Those who remain inside institutions beyond their maturity are insecure timeservers who are happiest locked inside a comfortably familiar prison. Anyone with a PhD is automatically suspect as an institutionalised ignoramus. Most are overeducated buffoons who never realised that throwing away all the best years of their lives to conform and confirm the lies and misapprehensions of other fossilised brainwashed academics is a stupid idea. Most are just insecure kiddies afraid of stepping out into the great wide world – afraid of nature and their own unexamined nature; afraid of their own shadow.

Most people are carefully convinced by society to show more respect – and give more money – to a domesticated primate with the word ‘doctor’ (or some other aggrandising title) in front of their name than to anyone else. We’re trained to think that the work done by someone who has spent many years ‘studying’ is somehow more worthwhile – and worth more – than work that’s considered more ‘common’, such as planting and nurturing trees, growing organic food, building homes or educating young children. We’re entrained to believe that one person’s time can be worth more than another’s.

A cogent way to remove this classic conditioning can be to avoid calling anyone ‘sir’, ‘doctor’ or (heaven forfend) reverend. Such aggrandising titles are far too damaging for any egocentric wannabe leader to hear and only serve to establish subservience. If you always refer to so-called doctors as ‘docturds’, and discourage anyone from trusting the words of such moneygrubbing, authoritarian, self-inflating egotists, you can train yourself to stop supporting an intrinsically unethical system. Avoid using made-up titles entirely; why not simply call a person by their name?

Almost all docturds are only in it for the money – shamelessly rorting medical insurance systems to squeeze every drop from society. The rest is hopeful confabulation on the part of their desperate victims. In most cases, people actually heal themselves (there are exceptions – see below).

They target the most helpless and vulnerable groups of humankind above others, foisting their theoretical practices on women and children in particular. Female humans are thoroughly entrained to entrust their bodies (and minds) to paternalistic authority figures. From a very young age they’re taught to visit docturds regularly, and to trust them with every intimate detail of their lives. Women (in particular) are trained to have ‘regular tests’ for ‘abnormalities’ – tests which actually cause the very ‘abnormalities’ they purportedly search for – and to enrich the coffers of white coated professionals with ‘preventative’ and ‘elective’ surgery and toxic chemical intervention. Pap smears, mammography and the treatment of ‘abnormal’ cells produce more false positives (fake results) than accurate ones and the docturds and their pathological host of pathologists apologise all the way to the bank after each mistimed misstep and misanthropic mistake.

‘You know them by their fruits’ – and most of the fruits of ‘medical professionals’ are rotten and poisonous. More people die from medical (t)errors than from any other cause. Pill-pushing salesmen for chemical industries deserve the OPPOSITE to respect, as do ‘scientists’ who lend their time to the industrious military establishment, or to corporations of ignorant savages who randomly interfere with healthy biological processes to make money from poisoning the food chain and planetary ecosystem with pesticides or genetically modified ‘products’.

Surely we all know better than to show any respect to banksters by now. The most lame offenders of all are probably so-called ‘economists’ who peddle a pseudoscience that every taxpayer is brainwashed into believing, even though their ‘forecasts’ are even less accurate than those of the average 20th Century weatherman. So-called news reports overflow with their senseless, tedious effluvia, drowning out any meaningful news or information beneath their hazy bullshit and babble.

The biggest (and potentially most dangerous) liars of all are ‘religious’ people – conmen and women who peddle superstitious pernicious sexism, racism and utter bald faced balderdash to the most ignorant and insecure people on the planet, offering filthy lies to those suffering from the greatest terror on Earth – the fear of death; just like docturds.

Those who profit from other people’s misery deserve no respect whatsoever.

Motive is everything

This writer now observes the world from a remote forest, but once lived directly opposite the medical school of a major metropolitan university, with the opportunity to meet many up and coming young docturds. Whenever the chance arrived to converse with a medical student in private I asked each of them the same innocuous question; ‘Why did you decide to become a medical professional?’

Over the course of several years literally scores of these young professionals had the same opportunity to present their case. Not a single one replied; ‘Because I wanted to help the sick’ or ‘to be a healer.’ Not one claimed to have a particular interest in anatomy or biology. None even bothered to feign any real interest in medicine. Without exception their replies were almost identical; “Well, I was going to be a lawyer but my mother/father thought there’d be more money in medicine.’

When I asked if they’d taken the Hippocratic Oath (which simply requires medical practitioners to ‘do no harm’ and to help the sick and suffering regardless of payment), they all simply stared at me with an expression that seemed to say, ‘Are you really that na├»ve?” I never allow a docturd to come anywhere near me. I’ve set my own bones, healed internal bleeding and cancerous conditions without subjecting myself to their ignorant meddling (and am still alive and healthy as a result).

Surgeons who capably repair damaged individuals and those who genuinely care for and look after the sick and injured – like nurses – naturally deserve respect. But most docturds are self aggrandising arseholes at best, and outright dangerous nincompoops at worst. Few include things like diet and lifestyle in their diagnoses and routinely prescribe inappropriate but profitable poisons to desperate people.

Those who profit from people’s misery are nothing short of despicable.

Like many or most purveyors of ‘professionalism’ a large number cheated their way through school. They don’t deserve your trust or respect. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask virtually any nurse you happen to meet; they know what’s going on!

Those who can, do

‘Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.’ This old truism needs to be revived and spread far and wide. Very few ‘teachers’ are anything but institutionalized time servers who’ve been trained to brainwash others with gormless mind control served up as ‘education’. They have no life experience and know nothing but what they’ve been told to believe. All their textbooks were hopelessly outdated even when they were newly published.
The great technological and social advances of humankind have all been brought about by people without doctorates – in many cases without any formal ‘education’ at all. Tesla, Einstein, Edison and most celebrated creative thinkers achieved the improbable despite the ‘education’ institutions they were subjected to (and escaped while still young), not because of them.

Creative thinking suffers from regimentation. Authority poisons it. Once a child can read, write and understand basic mathematics they are capable of choosing their own path to knowledge and remain individual enough to have unique creative insights. As all teaching institutions are automatically outdated and operated by superannuated time servers, all a person can really expect to learn in ‘higher education’ institutions is conformity – and how to babble to other cocooned minds in obscurantist jargonese.

Don’t put off living your life until later! There’s no time BUT the present. What do you really want to do with your precious time? Do you really want to serve the obnoxious dweebs who are destroying the planet with their ‘efficient’ industries and ‘profitable’ pastimes? Start something new, fresh and original instead – away from their pernicious influence, where you can’t feed them with your efforts.

Around two generations ago people in advanced nations were informed that by the 21st Century they’d have to learn how to make use of their coming abundance of ‘leisure time’. Automation would ensure that fewer and fewer people would be able to ‘earn a living’ by toiling their lives away and an era of plenty and freedom was dawning. The need for anyone to work full time would soon be redundant. People were told they’d have to learn how to share the shrinking pool of jobs that remain – and to learn to share everything else as a result.

Everyone needed to learn how to best use their newfound freedoms. Guess what? It’s the 21st Century! Wake up and smell the flowers.

Me? This time of year I shovel clean dry horseshit by day to provide healthy, honest, wholesome food for myself and those around me. You can’t buy clean manure – almost all animals are filled with poisons and only the ones you feed and look after can be trusted to provide clean fertiliser. By night I shovel bullshit out of the way on the worldwideweb to make way for the growth of truth. The evolution of the internet is doing away with any need for the fossilized ivory towers of ‘education’ institutions.

Every time someone uses anything fuelled by poisonous fossil fuels – every time you turn on a light, drive in vehicle, borrow money, use anything made of plastic or almost anything created by this toxic civilisation – you are as culpable and destructive as any oil company executive or bankster. Every person who works in an office tower, factory or mine is as bad as the executive who squats atop the totem pole. Every worker who props up the totem deserves to go down in the tower along with their boss. Those who serve pain and death deserve it.

Changing the system is a good idea, in the long run. Yet in today’s world you can only do anything of real worth for yourself and your family by leaving the old workaday system behind and helping it to wither on the vine with your absence. The only real way to succeed is by abandoning the dominant paradigm and creating, living and loving a new way of life – preferably with likeminded change agents.

Turn off your TV and get rid of it (if you refuse to read much watch my Youtube channel instead)! The internet is a great alternative – if you use it for something other than supporting the system with your time and energy.

If you like to learn, become one of the New Illuminati in this new Enlightenment @ nexusilluminati.blogspot.com . Learn how to plant and nurture living things; learn about something worthwhile, such as Permaculture. Ally yourself with life through your thoughts and actions, and object out loud to slaves and bosses who want you to help them saw off the limb you’re perched on. Let them know what you really think of them!

If you want to actually save the world, join any group that’s actively stopping loggers or miners or chemical factories/farmers/poisoners or other corporate slaves from destroying the planet, and get out into the real living world, to experience its actual glorious splendour while you stop the moronic workers from filthying their own nests and yours. Stand in front of a bulldozer driver with other wise souls – and stop them in their tracks.

Above all, take time out to examine your mind and motives. Your thoughts create the world! See where your thoughts/programs/memes actually come from and decide whether you want to own them. Enjoy life (without shopping or spending money). That’s why you’re here. Don’t put it off. Do it now!

Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT!

Time appears to flow onward…

- R. Ayana

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

- Buddhist Saying

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Tempus Fugue


Tempus Fugue
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Gaia’s Guests
“No-one gets to leave until this mess is cleaned up!”
- The Great Mother

new illuminatus by ring wood.

Your mother is not the easily typecast being of our childhood’s imaginings. She’s a complex creature who has always had to be all things to all people. The planet with which we revolve and evolve has often been characterised as The Great Mother by her ignorant children. She is, after all, bounteous, forgiving, fertile and generous, the one who provides us all with nourishment and provides the very substance of our bodies.
For uncounted millennia our primate forerunners and human forebears have viewed the Earth as The Mother – Gaia, Tya, Duana – she’s worn as many names as the centuries have had summers. The Great Mother provides everything and cleans up our mess; this is the immature mind-set of the supposedly mature members of Humanity. This is the subtext behind our relationship with our entire environment.
Each individual’s actions in this world will be shaped by the nature of their relationship with their own mother – your beliefs and actions are aimed by and wedged firmly within the particular idiosyncratic primate culture in which you and she found yourselves when each of you were born.

We all know that real mothers are not simple automatons with one-track minds, nor are they mere baby making milk factories. Despite all the ways in which multitudinous Patriarchal civilizations have attempted to control their populations (and Creation itself) by controlling their women’s wombs, conception has always had a way of defying all expectations and prohibitions. Women remain in charge of the most essential and fundamental acts of all – but they are not defined by these abilities.

Mothers are the ring that surrounds the core of all things. Mothers create Humanity and rock the cradle of its dreams and aspirations. Human society is created primarily to allow them to do their thing, to form the ring that makes new beginnings possible.

Real mothers educate their bright-eyed and innocent children in any number of ways, depending on conditions and mood – just as better fathers do; good parents instruct by example. As excellently imitative primates, we’ve always been very good at learning some of our lessons. Much that we are and most of what we know has been gleaned from observing natural forces and other creatures cohabiting the Great Mother alongside our curious race. The mores of our social structures are evident in the pecking-order behaviours of various other species, ranging from insects to chickens - and are virtually identical to those of other simians and monkeys.

All our technologies have already been tested and developed by various life forms and other processes existing on this planet, from nuclear power through to jet propulsion and nanotechnology. We’re still only scratching the surface of what Nature has to teach us – yet we style ourselves as sophisticated and superior Lords and Ladies of Creation, with nothing left to learn except a few details on the edges of our apparently all-encompassing primitive primate sciences, religions and cosmologies.

If we want to become real grown-ups we’d all be a lot better off if we sat back and took a look at what we’ve been doing, as individuals and en masse. We all need to realize that we don’t have the luxury of acting like some fast breeding brood of slow children, making life a living hell for ourselves and our global parent. If the Earth is our mother, we’ve been treating her pretty shabbily – and exposing our attitudes to our own females and feminine aspects in the process.

We’d be better of thinking of ourselves as houseguests in an extraordinarily baroque and artfully designed mansion full of extraordinary entities, rather than young princesses and princes left to run amok in an indulgent parent’s extraordinary house – which is also everybody else’s home. We’re not staying in a mansion that is our own exclusive possession by divine right of conquest and happenstance. We’re all guests in each other’s world.

Generous Hostess

 Hermit Tree by ring wood.

Gaia has and is a beautiful mansion that she opens regularly to visitors and their children. She even lets many of them move in. She has plenty of rooms. She’s a generous, forgiving hostess who doesn’t discriminate – her guests come in all shapes and sizes, hues and shades. She lets parties go on well beyond the point where everyone should be in bed making love or dreaming beautiful dreams. A good host or hostess allows the party to run its course until it’s time for everyone to make some space for the cleanup.

Some houseguests can make themselves unwelcome even in Gaia’s resilient mansion. Some guests defecate in the bathtub and urinate in the sink. Some vomit on the smorgasbord. Some even eat the hostess’ pets and set fire to her children’s beds. Some tear up the garden and pour concrete over the vegetable garden. Some dig up the floorboards and undermine the foundations in search of buried treasure from her private hoard. Some guests quickly wear out their welcome and the hostess has to sweep them out the door along with the mess they’ve made. It happens all the times.

All Gaia’s guests need do to remain happily entertained at her everlasting party is to respect their hostess and clean up their own mess. If they don’t, they’ll ultimately get to see what happens when the fat lady finally sings; all their entertainment will be drowned out and all their delicate glassware will shatter. Their warm welcome will turn bitterly cold.

While the party’s still in full swing we need to get together through the intoxication of our revelries and realise that rebuilding, repairing and recreating can be fun, profitable, educational and intimately rewarding. Some of Gaia’s recent guests have been so crass and importunate that she may have to close the house to them for a few millennia to make repairs – unless we all pitch in and fix the place up really nicely for her.

Would you do that for your mother – and yourself? It’ll only take a few decades. Come on – give us a hand! It’s grand fun and your mum will love you all the more for it. Besides - you wouldn’t want to meet the Great Mother (or her contract cleaners) in a dim alleyway if you simply walk away from the mess you’ve helped to make! You can’t simply pay someone else to clan up your mess; that’s an option that will eventually rebound in your face in the mirror-maze of Gaia’s great mansion.

A friendly word to the wise from a custodian of an ancient partying rainforest; it’s time to stop trashing the place before you and yours get the bum’s rush, bub. Gaia hosts the best parties in this spiral arm and it’d be a shame to see this one end in tears. Have a great time, care about your fellow revelers and do your best. That’s all it will take for you and your kids to be eternally welcome guests at Gaia’s Great Gathering.

Or you can just leave the party; Gaia has some very formidable bouncers, too – and there are plenty of other mansions out there.

Good luck.

- R. Ayana

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