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Adam, Eve and Lilith

- Adam, Eve and Lilith - 

Divide and Conquer or Unite and Triumph
 Make Love, Not War - Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Left

Two heads may be better than one, but not if they bash against each other. The human species is pitted against itself and against its own enlightened self interest at the dawn of this bright New Millennium. The unexamined human mind is similarly split and fractured, its potential as yet unrealised.

The fracture lines are exposed by our various tribal superstitions and regional lies, but aren’t caused by these outdated totemic religious dogmas and catechisms. Most of the planet is blatantly lorded over by fossilised dynasties and racist dictators. Where you see any single family holding multiple positions of power you’re looking at gangsters in operation, running a parasitic kleptocracy. Cronyism and nepotism are age-old methods of feathering your own nest and fending off rival petty tyrants at everyone else’s expense.

Tyrants use racism as the primal wedge to force populations apart, in order to divide and conquer all comers. Every other antagonistic ‘ism’ is another version of a single primordial fear – the fear of the other and of the unknown, embodied in racism and justified by religion and patriotism.

The so-called ‘free world’ appears to be trapped in an illusion of democracy that delivers power into the hands of exactly the same classes of mediocre incompetents and all too efficient control freaks - who also believe they’re born to hoodwink and rule over everyone else.

While life and liberty are infinitely more secure under a compassionate and swiftly acting rule of law than under the whims of inherently insane brutal overseers, no nation on Earth can honestly boast it has a completely free, independent, incorruptible or efficient legal system – let alone a free one. All democracies face similar hurdles.

Under the simple U.N. definition of a democracy – a nation that has given the vote to all its adult citizens for a generation or more – very few countries measure up. Even the United States only qualified as a democracy after the end of the Cold War - twenty-five years after it finally gave the vote to African Americans in all southern states in the mid-sixties.
More than one in a hundred US citizens are currently incarcerated in a rapidly expanding privatised penal system - a higher proportion than any other country. Libertarianism and liberty are not the same thing; as President Roosevelt famously remarked, freedom includes freedom from as well as freedom to. He included the freedom from want as one of the essential four freedoms that America embodied, in his almost universally accepted vision of the American Dream. This freedom has been derided and ignored by subsequent corporation-run governments as ‘socialist’, ‘communist’ and, even worse, ‘utopian’.

There is no free country on planet Earth – yet – but we can make one! First we have to disassemble all the false divisions that separate us into illusory competing groups, which congeal our shared blood into false notions of nations, states and races. To do this we have to see that our emperors have no clothes except those we choose – or are convinced – to give them.

If you want complete control over the human species the oldest trick in the book is to divide the struggling primates into illusory nations and artificial countries, to pit parochial tribes against other nearby ignoramuses. Take a look at Iraq, for instance – a country that was literally invented wholesale by conquering Western interests early last century. It was created with deliberate, easily exploitable faults and fractures so that racist warmongers could hold onto the region’s resources – including energy supplies - and keep control of a vital strategic corridor, with a classic move in what was universally known in Imperial times as the ‘Great Game’.

The fact that Iraq’s artificially created borders contained mutually antagonistic groups who had never been able to live together peacefully was a major bonus for the conquering crusaders - a deliberate ploy of the Western Powers that’s been widely used throughout history. Until 1959 they were able to steal all the deeply riven despot-governed “Iraqi” peoples’ energy supplies without paying a single pound or dollar in royalties. The now largely forgotten Iraqi revolution temporarily freed its people from the yoke of Imperialistic oppression, but built-in internal divisions, exploitative neighbours and imperialist retaliation undid the fledgling nation spectacularly. Watch this space for no further developments – just more of the same.

The Americans learned the tactic of divide and conquer from the English, who picked up the trick from the Roman Empire. The technique is much older than Rome, originating in primate sibling rivalry and unexamined, culturally entrained competitive behaviour. ‘Division’ is an ancient trick of the divine gods who rule over mortals – the word ‘divide’, ‘divine’ and ‘devil’ all spring from the same root of the Tree of Knowledge of Life and Death, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Most self-professed democratic nations literally labour under the illusion that they have freedom of choice – when they only have two nearly identical thumb-twiddling, tweedle-dumber political parties to choose between. Governments are mainly comprised of old men corrupted by power and fear, and officious Oppositions usually only serve to oppose – they hardly ever contribute anything new or meaningful to a rigged debate.

When you only have to bribe, coerce and co-opt a handful of figures in Cabinet and Opposition you have little to fear from the many millions of subjects who believe their vote means something. Unless you actually know a politician intimately and personally – know them well enough to be absolutely certain they’re honest and motivated solely by the best ideals - only new faces in politics can be trusted at all; you can more easily see their reactions to the strings attempting to pull them.

Some members of the tyranny of despots would like to be good shepherds instead of wily predators, and some are working to remold the world into a more splendid image than their devolutionary fellows – but to exercise power over others is an inherently corrupting Faustian pastime.

Under these circumstances your vote can only mean something if you don’t vote for either of the two alternatives that have a chance of winning! In practice the ‘choice’ comes down to a primitive playoff between two corporate-industrial-military front-men, whose faces and voices are almost all that most citizens see or hear of their governments. Meaningful change is rendered impossible in this false gladiatorial contest. If you have no choice but to vote for a party, then vote for a third force that may hold the balance of power without being already corrupted by it.

 Freedom Exits Under Dominator’s Adversarial Laws

The simple but supremely successful trick of duopoly politics holds the world in thrall to a fundamentally feudal hive structure of remote masters, bureaucratic governors and workers who jump for carrots and cringe from sticks.

Democracy is far more than the sham of party politics, and real democracy is strangled to death by fat cats enjoying expensive private parties held at everyone else’s expense – lousy parties with tinny music, bland costumes and boring speeches – cringe-worthy parties which are no fun at all. Real democracy requires that people can elect representatives who will represent them – not some other individual, group or party.

The whole notion of parties representing the people is an inherently absurd historical error that we now have the means to correct. In the newly emergent interconnected age of distributed networks, we can each become a sovereign of our own true estate – our bodies – and all have a truly equal say and vote in where our species is headed. Modern technologies and widening education bring a truly global democracy within easy reach. Individuals could simply vote for issues and cut out the middleman politicians entirely!

But before we can trust majorities with ultimate - if democratic - power over minorities who may be very different from them, we have a multitude of issues to address and rectify. Fortunately, a fair global framework already exists to protect us all from our own potential errors, one which provides an almost universally ratified Bill of Rights covering every child, woman and man on Earth.

The various U.N. treaties regarding all sorts of rights have been assembled under an adequate umbrella of universal protection known as the International Bill of Rights. It already forms the basis for many domestic laws that various nations have adopted under its articles – but chances are that as a mere citizen you’ve been kept entirely in the dark as to the true reasons behind your particular government’s apparent wisdom and largesse.

The International Bill of Rights is easily accessed via United Nations websites and is easily digested; see if you can find anything in it with which you disagree. It’s likely that the vast majority of humans on the planet will have no problems with its definitions of rights and freedoms, but there are many other issues to deal with if global electronic democracy is to become a reality – for instance, finding a way to curb the power of programmers and technocrats, and the powers of our easily controlled, utterly coercible and censorable mass media. We face ancient dilemmas; who guards the guardians and who watches the watchers? And how do you disarm a paranoid bunch of brainwashed tribalists armed by despots who profit from the continual killing – and who control their civilization?

We have to make an end to war. Creating peace involves creating a space without suffering or violence. If we want to end war a good place to start – if you’re serious about changing your attitudes but can’t abandon or thoroughly alter your current life – is at the kindergarten level of competitive training for violent combat and war; sport.

Competitive sports train the innocent for war. That’s the whole point behind encouraging the ‘masses’ to back and barrack for tribalistic, totemically differentiated teams, folks; it teaches that life, war friendship, love and politics can all be dealt with using the same brainless reflexive win-lose concepts and simplifies everything to an easily divisible level. Sport and war reduce the multitude to elevate the domineering.

If you want to change your world stop paying any attention to the stupid duopolistic distractions of competitive sport and party politics. Many will rebel at this – that’s the whole point. Most current day politics, finance, wars and pieces are equally delusory distractions, keeping your eyes off the prize and your mind off the main game by turning off your mind.

All problems with our conscious decision making processes stem from the self-same source, whether they be individual or collective.

We have to understand where this global split personality arises from; it comes from within each of us. The adversarial structures of our systems of law and government arise from minds that continually argue with themselves and never know peace or inner silence.

This is not just a consequence of the bicameral – twin chambered – nature of our split brain structure – it’s a result of a planetary shockwave that affected us all in prehistory, resulting in our collective and individual inability to recover from a blow to the head delivered simultaneously to the entire species. The Earth was struck by a massive interplanetary discharge – a planet-wide electric shock felt by all, amid a global catastrophe that threatened to extinguish our species.

Remember the ancient Babylonian (Iraqi) story of the ‘Tower of Babel’ and humanity’s cleavage into disparate tribes and nations who could suddenly no longer understand each other? It’s instructive to note that the chroniclers of this pre-Biblical narrative averred that the sky god destroyed the tower to divide Humanity and thus render us powerless - because we were beginning to rival the deities themselves. *

We have little understanding of what abilities we’ve lost as a species – like many victims of electro-shock therapy, we are afflicted with partial amnesia. Suffice to say that once upon a time we could all ‘hear’ on more than one level… whether we remember or believe it or not – and that ability and many others are well within our reach and grasp. The younger you are when you start to change yourself the easier it will be.

Until both hemispheres of our brains can operate together in a balanced synergy - which can only arise from the healing light of clear self-examination and careful tuning - our star-spanning minds are reduced to an argumentative, jostling conversation between two or more equally half-blinded and crippled parts. When we become internally unified and fully integrated we have the ability to tune in with – and on - anything and anyone, anywhere and anytime; and self-styled gods of all creeds and stripes find the idea of such a self-aware Humanity repulsive; it renders us abominably uncontrollable and unbindably free.

The almost universal mental imbalance resulting from this lack of internal attunement is the origin of all apparent divisions and false dichotomies that surround us. Our brains are instruments that require tuning – and harmony is only possible when all crazy notions of aloneness and competition are cast aside.

When we open ALL our eyes we can easily see that disagreement isn’t required to reach the truth, and argument isn’t necessary to arrive at easily achievable and universally agreeable goals. It’s easy to see that all of us are one being staring through the starry eyes of a multitude - and to know that death is impossible.

All it takes is to the ability to do nothing and think nothing. Absolutely nothing. The moment of wonder is only a moment away when you’ve mastered this ‘simple’ trick – the first step to true enlightenment. The world is always waiting for you to reemerge from the delight of the light imbued with immanent innocence; the universe is alive, and responds to your inner sense. The universe is a co-creation and it takes all kinds to make a world. Even if you can transform yourself in the bright void of superconsciousness, your life awaits you on your return. Changing the world means changing your mind and your life; the devil lies in the details you slowly shed with your old discarded skin.

The Whole Holy Hologram

If you want to change your world, the only place to start is within yourself. This requires continual self examination and an awareness and recognition of your true motives and programming. It requires abandoning the false ideas of notional nations, separate races, superior religious superstitions and parted politics. It means rechannelling all your competitive behaviour and attitudes into a recognition of unity with others – and with all things. It’s easy to recognise the all-powerful unity that lies within our vast diversity of cultures, perspectives and beliefs when you stop identifying with individual idiosyncratic fractions and factions. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

The real Great Game is the Royal Maze of the Mind that leads to enlightenment. The gate to the core of the maze resides at the core of your brain, in the central space between and behind your eyes and between your ears, below the crown of your head. If you locate yourself there – right now – and view the world from the perspective of the centre of your own head, you’ll see your view widen from a narrow tunnel to a wide expanse that incorporates everything in your field of view.

We’re primates living in a planetary tree that’s scarred with the graffito of our passions – loves and hates born of our illusory fear of mortality and separation, which compel us to make our mark on the world. We can do better than simply making marks and leaving scars.

All we have to look beyond the surface differences that camouflage our identically innocent spirits and wise ancient souls. If we want to start making a paradise planet out of this industrialised wasteland we have to recognise where the primal split in our species really lies. The first illusory division in our species - and the hideous result of our ongoing inner distractions and artificially contrived divisions - is the enduring armed truce in the pointless, ultimately unsurvivable battle of the sexes.

When peace is made between woman and man the planet can flower into a garden paradise fit for children. When our apparent differences are recognised for what they are – interlinked and interlocking survival strategies designed for life and consciousness to expand on the floating crust of a chaotically changeable ball of hot mud circling a blazing electric fireball – we can celebrate the gift of the interlocking jigsaw puzzles that our bodies and tribes really are.

We can learn that our species-split sexuality is a technique of regeneration and transformation on an individual and global scale – we’re not just a tools used by a bunch of genes for their own survival, but companions, lovers and co-creators. We can learn to control our own fertility at will and lovemaking can keep us young and supple, and be a portal to higher consciousness and the abilities it provides.

The techniques are miraculously still available, despite being long suppressed by rigid prudes worshipping the same false religions that burned Giordano Bruno at the stake – along with many millions of wise women and men – and which still stone women to death for being outdoors alone, or refuse to allow their sheeple to use contraceptives.

The place to make world peace real is in the still core of your mind and the still, pure warmth in the core of your heart. The way to heal yourself and the planet is to still your mind and make love – real, true, non-possessive abundant love – and as the hippies said, if you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you’re with.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it - it might as well be you. Make love, not war; when we learn to accept each other and work together life is no longer a job or chore, but a work of divinely inspired Art. When we open our eyes in the new fresh dawn of sensuously rational happiness we find we don’t have to climb out of the purblind pit of false dogma and censored history – we’re already free in a brave new world.

-   R. Ayana

Turn on! Tune in! Opt out of the system that’s destroying your world and do something else! You literally create reality as you pass through it.
Welcome to the New Aeon. Together we can create an astounding New Millennium!

“Time flies when you don’t notice a single thing.”
Wonder Boy – Age 9 
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worker units
worker units 
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Freeing God’s Slaves: The Emperor Wears No Clothes 

“Is anything god’s work? God doesn’t do any work – he just gets his peasants to do it for him.”
- Wonder Boy, Aged 8 

Humans (domesticated primates) have long been trained to worship externalised gods – a dangerous addiction humankind has carried forth from its primat-ive childhood; a merely imagined need that usually serves to only impede progressive change and unfolding evolution. Protective and instructive deities are nothing more nor less than the parent figures all children crave. All wise kids eventually learn that obeying the often arbitrary dictates of others who are actually just overblown, overgrown, adulterated children is a dumb idea.

Respect must be earned. Most elders in modern societies have far less of value to impart to subsequent generations than did their more ‘primitive’ tribal counterparts. Many older people are the same simpletons and ignoramuses they were when they were young. Those who claim to be today’s authority figures are almost all control freaks at best, and clinical psychopaths at worst. Almost all conspire to fatten themselves on poisonous excesses at the expense of the ecosystem that truly nourishes their children; mindlessly slaving away at tasks which destroy the planet and alienate them from their loved ones, with the idiot excuse that they’re ‘supporting their families’.

In the modern world ‘bosses’ are actually parasites, sucking life from the host of workers who labour under their dictates. CEOs are nothing more than common enemy overlords. The further up the ‘ladder of success’ one progresses, the more excesses and crimes of omission are committed. And everyone who toils on that ladder is equally culpable, supporting and maintaining a loathsome system with their precious time and effort.

Many ‘bosses’ earn fantastically higher wages than those who toil at much harder jobs – as intrinsically unfair, untrue and unjust as any racist dictate of classic caste or class systems. Those who crave power are those who deserve it the least. Anyone who sucks and arse-kisses their way up the totem pole is best pitied and avoided – not praised. Independent contractors and others who are their own bosses are the freest workers in the modern feudal wage slave era.

Those who remain inside institutions beyond their maturity are insecure timeservers who are happiest locked inside a comfortably familiar prison. Anyone with a PhD is automatically suspect as an institutionalised ignoramus. Most are overeducated buffoons who never realised that throwing away all the best years of their lives to conform and confirm the lies and misapprehensions of other fossilised brainwashed academics is a stupid idea. Most are just insecure kiddies afraid of stepping out into the great wide world – afraid of nature and their own unexamined nature; afraid of their own shadow.

Most people are carefully convinced by society to show more respect – and give more money – to a domesticated primate with the word ‘doctor’ (or some other aggrandising title) in front of their name than to anyone else. We’re trained to think that the work done by someone who has spent many years ‘studying’ is somehow more worthwhile – and worth more – than work that’s considered more ‘common’, such as planting and nurturing trees, growing organic food, building homes or educating young children. We’re entrained to believe that one person’s time can be worth more than another’s.

A cogent way to remove this classic conditioning can be to avoid calling anyone ‘sir’, ‘doctor’ or (heaven forfend) reverend. Such aggrandising titles are far too damaging for any egocentric wannabe leader to hear and only serve to establish subservience. If you always refer to so-called doctors as ‘docturds’, and discourage anyone from trusting the words of such moneygrubbing, authoritarian, self-inflating egotists, you can train yourself to stop supporting an intrinsically unethical system. Avoid using made-up titles entirely; why not simply call a person by their name?

Almost all docturds are only in it for the money – shamelessly rorting medical insurance systems to squeeze every drop from society. The rest is hopeful confabulation on the part of their desperate victims. In most cases, people actually heal themselves (there are exceptions – see below).

They target the most helpless and vulnerable groups of humankind above others, foisting their theoretical practices on women and children in particular. Female humans are thoroughly entrained to entrust their bodies (and minds) to paternalistic authority figures. From a very young age they’re taught to visit docturds regularly, and to trust them with every intimate detail of their lives. Women (in particular) are trained to have ‘regular tests’ for ‘abnormalities’ – tests which actually cause the very ‘abnormalities’ they purportedly search for – and to enrich the coffers of white coated professionals with ‘preventative’ and ‘elective’ surgery and toxic chemical intervention. Pap smears, mammography and the treatment of ‘abnormal’ cells produce more false positives (fake results) than accurate ones and the docturds and their pathological host of pathologists apologise all the way to the bank after each mistimed misstep and misanthropic mistake.

‘You know them by their fruits’ – and most of the fruits of ‘medical professionals’ are rotten and poisonous. More people die from medical (t)errors than from any other cause. Pill-pushing salesmen for chemical industries deserve the OPPOSITE to respect, as do ‘scientists’ who lend their time to the industrious military establishment, or to corporations of ignorant savages who randomly interfere with healthy biological processes to make money from poisoning the food chain and planetary ecosystem with pesticides or genetically modified ‘products’.

Surely we all know better than to show any respect to banksters by now. The most lame offenders of all are probably so-called ‘economists’ who peddle a pseudoscience that every taxpayer is brainwashed into believing, even though their ‘forecasts’ are even less accurate than those of the average 20th Century weatherman. So-called news reports overflow with their senseless, tedious effluvia, drowning out any meaningful news or information beneath their hazy bullshit and babble.

The biggest (and potentially most dangerous) liars of all are ‘religious’ people – conmen and women who peddle superstitious pernicious sexism, racism and utter bald faced balderdash to the most ignorant and insecure people on the planet, offering filthy lies to those suffering from the greatest terror on Earth – the fear of death; just like docturds.

Those who profit from other people’s misery deserve no respect whatsoever.

Motive is everything

This writer now observes the world from a remote forest, but once lived directly opposite the medical school of a major metropolitan university, with the opportunity to meet many up and coming young docturds. Whenever the chance arrived to converse with a medical student in private I asked each of them the same innocuous question; ‘Why did you decide to become a medical professional?’

Over the course of several years literally scores of these young professionals had the same opportunity to present their case. Not a single one replied; ‘Because I wanted to help the sick’ or ‘to be a healer.’ Not one claimed to have a particular interest in anatomy or biology. None even bothered to feign any real interest in medicine. Without exception their replies were almost identical; “Well, I was going to be a lawyer but my mother/father thought there’d be more money in medicine.’

When I asked if they’d taken the Hippocratic Oath (which simply requires medical practitioners to ‘do no harm’ and to help the sick and suffering regardless of payment), they all simply stared at me with an expression that seemed to say, ‘Are you really that naïve?” I never allow a docturd to come anywhere near me. I’ve set my own bones, healed internal bleeding and cancerous conditions without subjecting myself to their ignorant meddling (and am still alive and healthy as a result).

Surgeons who capably repair damaged individuals and those who genuinely care for and look after the sick and injured – like nurses – naturally deserve respect. But most docturds are self aggrandising arseholes at best, and outright dangerous nincompoops at worst. Few include things like diet and lifestyle in their diagnoses and routinely prescribe inappropriate but profitable poisons to desperate people.

Those who profit from people’s misery are nothing short of despicable.

Like many or most purveyors of ‘professionalism’ a large number cheated their way through school. They don’t deserve your trust or respect. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask virtually any nurse you happen to meet; they know what’s going on!

Those who can, do

‘Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.’ This old truism needs to be revived and spread far and wide. Very few ‘teachers’ are anything but institutionalized time servers who’ve been trained to brainwash others with gormless mind control served up as ‘education’. They have no life experience and know nothing but what they’ve been told to believe. All their textbooks were hopelessly outdated even when they were newly published.

The great technological and social advances of humankind have all been brought about by people without doctorates – in many cases without any formal ‘education’ at all. Tesla, Einstein, Edison and most celebrated creative thinkers achieved the improbable despite the ‘education’ institutions they were subjected to (and escaped while still young), not because of them.

Creative thinking suffers from regimentation. Authority poisons it. Once a child can read, write and understand basic mathematics they are capable of choosing their own path to knowledge and remain individual enough to have unique creative insights. As all teaching institutions are automatically outdated and operated by superannuated time servers, all a person can really expect to learn in ‘higher education’ institutions is conformity – and how to babble to other cocooned minds in obscurantist jargonese.

Don’t put off living your life until later! There’s no time BUT the present. What do you really want to do with your precious time? Do you really want to serve the obnoxious dweebs who are destroying the planet with their ‘efficient’ industries and ‘profitable’ pastimes? Start something new, fresh and original instead – away from their pernicious influence, where you can’t feed them with your efforts.

Around two generations ago people in advanced nations were informed that by the 21st Century they’d have to learn how to make use of their coming abundance of ‘leisure time’. Automation would ensure that fewer and fewer people would be able to ‘earn a living’ by toiling their lives away and an era of plenty and freedom was dawning. The need for anyone to work full time would soon be redundant. People were told they’d have to learn how to share the shrinking pool of jobs that remain – and to learn to share everything else as a result.

Everyone needed to learn how to best use their newfound freedoms. Guess what? It’s the 21st Century! Wake up and smell the flowers.

Me? This time of year I shovel clean dry horseshit by day to provide healthy, honest, wholesome food for myself and those around me. You can’t buy clean manure – almost all animals are filled with poisons and only the ones you feed and look after can be trusted to provide clean fertiliser. By night I shovel bullshit out of the way on the worldwideweb to make way for the growth of truth. The evolution of the internet is doing away with any need for the fossilized ivory towers of ‘education’ institutions.

Every time someone uses anything fuelled by poisonous fossil fuels – every time you turn on a light, drive in vehicle, borrow money, use anything made of plastic or almost anything created by this toxic civilisation – you are as culpable and destructive as any oil company executive or bankster. Every person who works in an office tower, factory or mine is as bad as the executive who squats atop the totem pole. Every worker who props up the totem deserves to go down in the tower along with their boss. Those who serve pain and death deserve it.

Changing the system is a good idea, in the long run. Yet in today’s world you can only do anything of real worth for yourself and your family by leaving the old workaday system behind and helping it to wither on the vine with your absence. The only real way to succeed is by abandoning the dominant paradigm and creating, living and loving a new way of life – preferably with likeminded change agents.

Turn off your TV and get rid of it (if you refuse to read much watch my Youtube channel instead)! The internet is a great alternative – if you use it for something other than supporting the system with your time and energy.

If you like to learn, become one of the New Illuminati in this new Enlightenment @ . Learn how to plant and nurture living things; learn about something worthwhile, such as Permaculture. Ally yourself with life through your thoughts and actions, and object out loud to slaves and bosses who want you to help them saw off the limb you’re perched on. Let them know what you really think of them!

If you want to actually save the world, join any group that’s actively stopping loggers or miners or chemical factories/farmers/poisoners or other corporate slaves from destroying the planet, and get out into the real living world, to experience its actual glorious splendour while you stop the moronic workers from filthying their own nests and yours. Stand in front of a bulldozer driver with other wise souls – and stop them in their tracks.

Above all, take time out to examine your mind and motives. Your thoughts create the world! See where your thoughts/programs/memes actually come from and decide whether you want to own them. Enjoy life (without shopping or spending money). That’s why you’re here. Don’t put it off. Do it now!

Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT!

Time appears to flow onward…

- R. Ayana

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”
- Buddhist Saying

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception
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The Men Who Stare At Scapegoats

...Stupid religious fables suit the purposes of plutocrats who care nothing for the crap vomited out by churches, temples, synagogues and mosques. They know where their real truth of material wealth that spans immortal ages lies – in oil and minerals, factories and farms, workers and taxes. They’ve used various religions to blind and bind their landlocked wage serfs since Adam was a lad.

Most people fail to realise there are only around twenty million Jehovah-bedamned Jews in the entire world. There are around a BILLION followers of Islime, a BILLION Cathoholics, a BILLION other Christians, a BILLION Chinese and at least half a billion each of Hindus and Buddhists. Those who claim Jews run the world must have very low regard for their own people, or they must believe Jews are something more than human.

The Catholic Jesuit (NOT Jewish) Rothschild banking dynasty and all their egregious bankster associates have taken advantage of the stupidity of others to make money for centuries, but that particular Vatican-dominated ‘Court Jew’ banking cartel controls only a fraction of the world’s REAL wealth.

Ever hear of the House of Saud? How about all the other oil-rich Gulf nations? Do you think they entrust their wealth to their adversaries? What about the Chinese and Indians? What about Switzerland? How about Russia and Korea? Or the Vatican? It’s easier to blame the Jews for the crimes of all banksters than to recognise that the biggest Western banksters are members of a secretive cult of Jesuits, or that Jews probably only control about 10% of the world’s real wealth and monetary illusions.

Many claim the Vatican is the ultimate culprit, but like all gangster front organisations such as other governments, monarchies and banking corporations, the unholy Roman megacult is ruled by individual nonbelieving gangsters – rich, greedy, cynical fat cat men and women with names and addresses and an incredible amount to hide.

Do you think the Jesuit Rothschilds control or ‘own’ China or Russia or the Vatican trillions? Think again. They may own lots of money – but money doesn’t exist. It’s crappy pottage made for peons and taxable wage slaves. The real owners don’t use the stuff. It’s a distracting fable that helps hide the sources and repositories of true wealth. Knowledge isn’t power. Money isn’t power. Power is power, and the primary power of true ownership is the power to kill competitors and enforce dominance.

The real ‘owners’ are dynastic and monarchic in dust realists with legions of partisan followers who allow neuvo riche banksters and other apparent rivals to exist – it’s not the other way around, as many presume. Old Money still rules, because it has little to do with money and everything to do with real, vital resources. The banksters are a handy foil and shield for inbred, neotonous, nepotistic families that have been trained for millennia to believe they’re born to rule everyone else.

Most of the worst are supposed Catholics or WASPS; nonbelieving, domineering materialists who merely pretend to be Christians. They are racist, predatory, self-styled kings and queens, dukes and earls, barons and knights – warmongers in sheep’s clothing to whom the supremacy of bloodline is all that matters. They want everyone to believe that Jesus was their great-great grandfather so they have the ‘right’ to dominate all mere mortals.

And of course there are similar ‘divine’ aristocracies in most Eastern nations that hold superstitious, well-entrained people in servile salaryman thraldom, promoting mandatory belief in their fraudulent supernatural links - lineages descending from some primeval tribal god or goddess, or a bloodthirsty national bully. Today’s banking system simply suits their purposes as well as yesterday’s methods of command and control.

Only dynasties have a chance of maintaining the same territorial holdings and ongoing plans over many generations. Only dynasties and the cults they sponsor have the wherewithal to control and edit human history over many millennia. Only the victors get to write history and to control perceptions of reality on a daily basis.

It suits the purposes of the REAL global power mongers for people to believe that the Israelis are behind every calumny in the whole wide world - that they run the US and Britain and that the tail wags the dog. It’s a farcical perspective engendered by purblind Middle Eastern nations, spread far and wide by (other) racists and encouraged by Western countries to misdirect blame and assuage their own guilt.

Judaism is as inherently racist as, say, the Japanese nation and many others. In fact, virtually everyone who identifies with a particular ‘race’ is usually inherently racist. But the crazy tenets of all religions spawned by the followers of that Bronze Age Babylonian child molester Abraham are the prime excuses for humans to hate each other and to destroy the ecosystem – because this real, live, beautiful world just doesn’t matter to idiots who believe that Planet Earth can never be as good as some imaginary future afterlife. True Believers can’t accept the gift of the present. Masterfully trained to ultimately hate themselves and despise their existence, they only dream of pie in the sky.

All the Abrahamic sects are death cults. Followers of Christinanity, Moronism, Islime and heebie-jeebie-believing Jews are death worshipping fantasists who couldn’t live in the NOW if you rubbed their noses in it. They love an imaginary big brother in the clouds more than life– and consciousness - itself. Everything they touch turns to shit and arid desert.

Only some imaginary heavenly Bardo realm matters to them, not Paradise on Earth. As a result they’ve systematically trashed the planet to please their true masters –families of psychotic ex-monarchs who believe they and they alone are worthy to wield power over all others. The fabricated belief in a ‘divine right of kings’- spread by the cults they created - has brainwashed untold generations into serfdom and suffering.

By definition, monarchy is psychosis and monarchs are psychotics.

‘Intelligence’ Agents of Corpora(te Na)tions

Today’s self-styled monarchs are not the kings and queens of old, who in many cases were true representatives of their people. Ancient kingship derived from spiritual awareness and connectedness to the wider tribe. Today’s monarchic rule is rulership over territories, not people, and their territories are far-flung and fluid in the modern world. Today’s monarchs are largely invisible, while some (like the Belgian/Dutch rulers of Britain) hide in plain sight behind false names, masquerading as powerless figureheads. Their only allegiance is to members of their own immediate family, and as far as they’re concerned if you’re not in their family you’re not in their race.

This is paradoxically true of monarchs of every race and colour, a credo shared by reflexive insect hives and hunter-gatherer primate bands alike. It’s nothing unusual, but merely the default state of unselfconscious, unaware, unexamined existence. Racism is simply one of the nastier stigmata demarking the more insecure and less evolved elements of primate tribal nature.

Recognising that blood is thicker than water, that bloodlines rule and that only dynasties have a chance of maintaining the same territorial holdings and ongoing plans over many generations, lesser control freak organisations adopt similar nepotistic practices. They swap their own spouses and children with those of other powerful families and incorporate those of their rivals into their own families in biological ‘friendly mergers’.

Many successful political parties, financial transnationals and industrial conglomerates are now as interbred and inbred as royal families. They control holdings and private armies as extensive as the bloodlines they emulate and occasionally breed with. Many of these busynestmen like to believe they run the world through secret societies of brotherly lodges and deathly oaths that control the purloined prizes of global resources - including intelligence networks.

It suits the interests of ancient bloodlines that the New Money believes this to be the case, but other, even more remote powers rule their bourgeois roost.

In a world of ultimate surveillance, where everything outdoors is nakedly visible to spy satellites, drones or CCTV and almost all indoor areas are similarly observable - where phone lines, airwaves, emails, websites and records of all communications are routinely monitored and stored by systems Big Brother could only fantasise about – it’s gratifying to see the reaction of ‘statesmen’ and executives when their dirty laundry is hung out to dry by anonymous hackers.

Everyone is watched, but the age old question remains; who watches the watchers; who guards the guardians?

The compartmentalised structure of modern intelligence agencies has rendered the hidden work of spies more invisible and unchallengeable than the more grandiose schemes of any secret society of the past. ‘Need to know’ means that no-one really knows anything much - particularly who’s in charge of the vast black budgets provided by unwitting taxpayers. Unheard of weapons and transportation systems have already been deployed – systems that are sometimes under the control of no conventional government. Secret redoubts in extremely remote places, along with extraordinarily expensive means of access have been constructed at a cost of trillions of dollars over many decades by clandestine groups who believe, above all, in their own survival.

The greatest threat to peace, freedom, security and democracy comes not from terrorists, fanatics or even from ‘rogue elements’ within intelligence agencies, but from hidden hands that invisibly manipulate them from the summit of the food chain.

Throughout history there have always been those who occupy the position of puppet master. The real culprits in the ongoing manipulation of events are those with truly long term agendas cemented by the wealth, ties and loyalties attending all dynastic families. Only ruling houses have the wherewithal, endurance and indomitable ruthlessness to maintain control of the apparently headless horsemen of Industry, Finance and Intelligence through generations and centuries. They have long been the ‘secret chiefs’ of magical fraternities and masonic lodges, adept at high order subterfuge and codified control systems. They direct the course of technology and control its disbursal through carefully channelled funding, intimidation and murder. It’s been this way since the time of the Pharaohs, but both truth and change share an incorrigible habit of slipping past all gates, bars and razor wire.

Psychotic control freaks may believe they rule, yet even these indomitable dorks are merely pawns in the grander scheme of things. Even though the rapid desertification of the world’s land surfaces may appear to be an example of ‘unterraforming’ the planet to suit some putative alien invader with designs on local real estate, the truth is that the ecosystem is dying a death of a billion cuts, wielded by almost every human on Earth. Neither alien shapeshifters nor racist monarchies are actually responsible for the destruction of the planetary ecosystem. We all are. You’re the culprit. And, having come this far, you now have a choice to make.

Do you want to see a change?

Real Freedom

No-one likes to realise they’ve been fooled. No-one likes to realise they’ve been wrong. Very few like to admit that they – not some remote shadowy scapegoat - are the problem. Very few are willing to give up their distracting toys, illusory freedoms and toxic pseudo-luxuries and do what’s required – rethink their lives, change their lifestyles, abandon or alter their entrained expectations, resign from their destructive jobs, reconnect with life, grow food, replant the forests, learn to sing and play and play music again, find real friendship in interdependence, leave the toxic cities and get back to the EARTH.

That’s what it will take to save yourself, your soul, your children and your planet, friend; putting down real, solid roots in a healthy water table and extending your awareness into the light of delight.

Expanded consciousness can’t grow amid eternal distraction or ambient fear. It can’t expand while it’s focused on trivia or pain. Almost everyone lives in a hypnagogic, semiconscious, barely awake and scarcely aware state, at one remove from the world of the senses or any other version of true reality.

The world is made of mindstuff and run by hypnosis, and higher consciousness comes with inbuilt filters that make it impossible for anyone attached to material goods or emotional ties to achieve the only real freedom there is – the levity of enlightenment.

Conscious awareness is your true heritage - not temporary material goods, not the ongoing potage of daily distractions and nightly fantasies that comprise pointless existence in modern societies and civilisations. There’s no external truth or external god, but there is an eternal One, and you are it.

Only conscious awareness derived from relentless self-examination can set you free. Know thyself. No excess. The immortal dwells within. Meditate on nothing – nothing at all. It’s the hardest thing in the world, until you achieve it. Then it’s always at hand, ready and waiting for you to re-enter and maintain. Real truth is simpler and more pure than words can possibly convey.

The hippies were always right. Pollution kills. Consciousness is everything, and vice versa. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Think globally, but ACT! Alternatives exist – live them. Grow your hair. Go barefoot. Live in a nice, healthy, comfortable place with a forgiving climate and clean water and air. You can. It’s much easier than those who lock themselves inside barred suburban cells every night can allow themselves to believe. Paradise awaits – we just have to replant it.

You can do MUCH better by putting no more of your time into today’s broken medieval feudal system. It’s easy – and fun – to jump off the rat wheel treadmill. Leave the toxic shitties that were built to keep blindsided workers in their accustomed places. Most cities are unliveable poison sumps now, and all they offer is more ways to lose your lifetime (in case you haven't noticed). Get down to earth - you have nothing to lose but your pains.

You CAN afford to; can you afford not to? If you’re in a position to buy or otherwise liberate some land and water from moneygrubbing destroyers then do it, even if you ‘only’ intend to allow it to return to wilderness. Share it with anyone who respects it, particularly any remaining native custodians with ancestral links to the place.

And it’s much easier to live off-grid these days than most people imagine. If you can’t afford land there are many communities, landholders and custodians who will help you and give you a place to live if you sincerely seek them out. Everyone needs a hand to heal the planet, and the only way to ensure your food is clean and wholesome is to have a hand in growing it yourself. Just leave all your insecurities and toxins behind and be prepared to CHANGE yourself. Only those who can learn to live with themselves can make the transition.

Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT of the system with likeminded friends and family and create something new with the only things you really have or own – your time and energy! Together we can still recreate the best of all possible worlds.

Remember why you are alive?

by R. Ayana (who has lived in a tiny shack in a remote forest for 25 years)

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Life is Based On a True Story 
Life is Based On a True Story
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Endangered Species: 
Psychedelic Water 26

“Hippies are an endangered species here now,” the feral said through the knotty plaits of his beard.

“Not in Japan!” The slight sunbrowned man with a far neater beard and designer dreads laughed over the flames.


“No – in Japan, many hippie!”

“We hear nothing about it out here, but in Japan there’s a hippie revolution right now,” Ram interrupted.

“That right.”

Ram turned to the Nipponese man. “It’s because that’s where the young people are – all over Asia. In the sixties and seventies the demographic balance was like this;” He steepled his fingers into a pyramid. “Old people…” He indicated the triangle’s pinnacle with a wave of his fingertips. “Young people…” he swept his wrists outward. Then he inverted the pyramid. “Now in the West, it’s like this. Very few young people, and all more tightly constrained.

“But not in Japan.”

“No,” agreed Zen. “In Japan many young people. Many hippie.”

Cameron conceded the point. “Well, there are a lot more Japanese in town this year, and they’re not all like the squeaky cleanskins that used to turn up, it’s true…” The shaman excused himself to water a nearby tree. When he returned Cameron was describing a strange small creature he’d seen nearby. “It’s only about the size of a rabbit – but it’s not a rabbit.”

“Not a rabbit?” The Japanese hippie couple repeated in unison.

“No – about the same size, but different.”

“Not a bandicoot?” Ram asked.

“No – wait – there it is now!” Cameron’s whisper morphed into a gasp. “You hear that?” A strange loud squeak filled the sudden silence.

“You’re right,” Ram whispered, squatting forward on his toes by the small cooking fire. “That’s no bandicoot.”

“Here it comes,” Cameron said as a squat shrub rustled only a few paces away and a small dark form emerged. He flicked on a blue-white LED flashlight and a diminutive rat-like creature was brightly illuminated for a flashing moment before it leapt and darted for the rainforest underbrush beside the creek. “Sorry – I probably shouldn’t have frightened it. But it’s here every night.”

Catalogues of photographs, drawings and paintings riffled through Ram’s mind; reams of images of native and imported animals studied during years of fauna surveying, or witnessed live and firsthand in plains, woodlands and deep forests throughout the eastern half of the great island continent. None of the remembered forms quite matched this tailless, two kilo marsupial with a surprisingly flattened and rounded face. “Another unknown,” he announced. “A little like a bettong, but not a bettong. Not a bandicoot. Not a potoroo. And definitely not a rabbit.”

“Not rabbit?” Zen echoed. The Japanese Wwoofa (a willing worker on organic farms, exchanging work for board as he travelled the country) still peered into the darkness in stupefaction. His beautiful mate Shi clung to his bare arm, patiently awaiting an explanation.

“No,” said Cameron. “Something very rare and unusual.”

“What is ‘bennon’?” Zen asked.

“Bettong.” Cameron corrected. “Like a bilby.” Zen and Shi regarded him with nonplussed expressions.

“A small kangaroo-like creature, only a foot tall – thirty centimetres,” Ram explained.


“Oh! But that not one of them?” Shi’s voice is a gentle purr.

“I can’t work out what it is,” Ram admitted, listening to the creature rustling just out of sight in the darkness. “Around here,” he gestured at the massive tree-clad cliff facing them, “anything is possible. Up there above us is an escarpment - a great flat plateau full of rocky land, forest and caves. Anything could live up there…”

“And now that everything round here is regenerating so well, things’ll be coming down here, too,” Cameron continued.

“What that animal?” Zen enquired.

“Buggered if I know.” Cameron flashed his torch around for a few seconds. “It’s still there, somewhere.”

“You not know?” The young lovers peered into the dark.

“No idea,” Cameron confirmed, glancing at the shaman.

“Speaking from a view gleaned after years of fauna surveys and travelling and camping in remote bush,” he said, inwardly disapproving of the self-aggrandisement implied by his words, “that creature is a small marsupial that may be totally unknown to anyone but the Aborigines.”

“They know?” Shi’s eyes were glittering pools of firelight.

“Maybe,” said Cameron. “Probably.”

“You not see it before?”

“Not even in reference books,” Ram assured Zen. “All the images are spinning through my mind now. It’s not a bandicoot or a bettong… even if the tail’s been gnawed off by a dog. And those white splotches look like the markings on a juvenile koala, but its face is more like… a hamster…”

“But that definitely wasn’t a koala,” Cameron assured the visitors. Two flying foxes circled the Sally wattle they were seated beneath and the Japanese visitors looked up as the macrobats alighted in a nearby quandong tree, screeching and warbling in their complex semi-simian language.

Zen was amazed. “Wooah!”

“This animal unknown?” Shi’s eyes were wide, flickering in the firelight as she blinked up at the stars. It was only the third or fourth time that Ram had heard her shy, self-abnegating voice during the evening’s converse. “Not them –other little one,” she said.

“Well it’s unknown to us,” Cameron clarified. “But it could be completely unknown as well.”

“This country is recovering from a century and a half of logging and rampaging cows.” Ram gestured at the dark, hulking, lightless hills that surrounded them. “But it’s ringed by rugged country that no living white person has thoroughly explored. Between here and the mountains that run down the entire eastern side of the continent is a wild, wild country that’s almost totally uninhabited… by modern humans…”

“Like the Washpool and the upper catchments all along the coast and up on the mountains,” Cameron agreed. “Real wilderness, National Parks and reserves no-one lives in…”

“No human live there?” Zen was surprised.

Cameron bared his teeth in a grin. “Not for hundreds of square miles, in many places.”

The shaman shifted into a sitting position. “Last month all the Oz state governments in the east announced they’re declaring a wilderness sanctuary strip that will stretch from the far north tropics of the continent all the way to the far south, on the edge of the Southern Ocean. They’ve realized that you need at least that much land to preserve all the endangered creatures and forest types when you take climate catastrophe into account. And that last wild strip is the land they say they’re going to reserve.”

“Climate catastrophe?” Zen inquired.

“What they call ‘global warming’.”

“Really?” Cameron was incredulous. “When did this happen? I haven’t heard a thing about it!”

“It was front-page news for a day,” Ram replied. “Hardly anyone noticed, it seems.”

“Wow! Good news for a change! That’s incredible.”

“But true. We should really all be celebrating, but it seems most of the people who spent years getting arrested for saving those ecosystems don’t even know that we’ve won. Tell any feral forest fighters you see!”

“Don’t worry. I will.”

The shaman stared up at the brilliant star that still held Shi’s attention. “On the other hand, it is just an announcement by governments that may not be around for more than a year or two. But we can hope.”

“And there wild animal no-one know there as well?”

“You just reminded me,” Ram slapped his knee. “Less than a year ago eye saw an ‘extinct’ huge black quoll on the roadside… one of those mysterious big cats people occasionally report seeing…”

“The ‘black panthers’ you mean?” Cameron smirked.

“I can see why they’d think so.” The shaman returned his smirk. “If you hadn’t seen a quoll up close you’d have nothing better to mistake it for.”

“A koll?” Zen asked.

“Quoll,” Cameron corrected. “A native marsupial cat, called the spotted-tailed quoll.”

“Like koala?”

“About the same size, but you wouldn’t cuddle a quoll, mate, it’d tear you to pieces – unless you trained it from a kitten, and maybe not even then. You ever see a Tasmanian Devil?”

“You mean like on cartoon? Bugs Bunny?”

“That’s the one. Like that, but in real life. You don’t try to pat one.”

“You see one of them but black?”

“And big,” Ram agreed. “Almost as tall as the bonnet of the four wheel drive.”

“That big?”

“Aye – hai – completely black, like a panther, but with a couple of major differences, like a tail longer than it’s body, curved up over its back…” Ram swept his hand up into the firelight, “with a plumed, almost bulbous fringe on the end. A prehensile tail…”

“Just like a quoll,” Cameron suggested.

“And standing… well, almost on tip-toes, not like a cat at all – except for the curved arch of its spine when it turned to look at me. And the face was more squashed in than a cat’s – the face of a big sabre-toothed dasyurid marsupial quoll.”

“With pouch?” Zen suggested as Shi clung to his arm.

“With a pouch,” Ram confirmed. “Though it may face backward, not forward as in most other marsupials; some of the carnivores here are like that.”


“Should we tell anyone we see this animal?” Shi whispered.

“If you like,” Cameron said. “Just don’t tell any scientists.”

“Why not?”

“Because they come and catch it. Or kill it.” Cameron mimed the act with a chopping motion.

“No!” Shi was appalled. She looked to Zen for assurance that she’d understood the conversation correctly. Her beau translated for her in a rapid barrage of Japanese.

“Yes!” demurred Cameron. “They kill it, for research.”

“Really?” Zen was obviously confused and a little distraught. “If it so rare?”

“Because it’s so rare.” Cameron looked away and began rebuilding the fire.

“There used to be another species of quoll, all through this country,” Ram told them. “A smaller quoll with a more rat-like tail…”

“Not the spotted-tailed quoll, like the one we’ve been talking about,” Cameron explained as he built the pyre higher.

“No, a smaller quoll that became officially extinct a couple of decades ago. It’s not completely extinct – eye’ve seen one on the Carrai Plateau, a few hundred kilometres south of here, in that new wilderness reserve we were talking about.” More bats joined the small family at the nearby quandong tree. A dog began to bark in the far distance while Cameron filled a blackened stainless steel kettle from a large polycarbonate water container. The attention of the Japanese guests was riveted to the spectacle of the broad-winged fruit bats soaring a few metres over their heads.

“So this quoll not extinct?”

“Well… it’s debatable whether there are enough contiguous family groups to allow the species to survive long-term – enough of them to make it - but no-one really knows. You can’t count them by satellite - they usually live in surprisingly remote areas away from imported carnivores like dogs and cats, and the only people who work out there – the loggers – hardly know the place at all. They spend almost all their time in air-conditioned machines and don’t have the time or inclination to go exploring – and they’re not likely to tell anyone if they see any endangered species.”

“They have to pay for their mortgages,” Cameron explained.

“And the double-mortgages on their trucks,” Ram conceded. “Most of the areas we saved from logging in the past decades had never been surveyed before they started cutting them down. That’s why it was so easy for us to save many places. All we had to do was conduct flora and fauna – plant and animal – surveys, and in most of those untouched or barely touched areas we’d find rare and endangered species…”

“…That were about to become a whole lot more endangered,” Cameron filled in as he began rummaging around in the shadows to explore beverage options.

“Exactly. So we had legal grounds to stop the destruction because the workers and surveyors working for the government supposedly never saw a thing – but the first time anyone else looked, there were rare and unique animals there. I’ve seen four higher-order animals - marsupials - that aren’t described in any book. Five if you count whatever this is in the bushes… but we need a closer look to be certain.”

“Well hang around – it’ll be back,” Cameron assured him. “It’s here every night. Tea? Mint tea? Maté tea? Hot chocolate?” Shi climbed daintily to her feet and helped fill the small table with containers of milk, soymilk and honey.

“But back to the eastern quoll,” Ram continued. “When the authorities realized there were hardly any left, the museum in the Emerald City sent a surveyor out to find some. He came back with over sixty pelts…”


“Skins,” Cameron translated.

“…and the pelts were all female.”

“What?” Cameron laughed in shock. “Females?”

“They’re still in the drawer in the museum. You can see them there. They may have been the last sixty females – but as far as the museum knew, they were definitely from the last site where they were known to exist…”

“And they kill them?” Zen and Shi were dumbfounded.

“Of course,” Cameron said. “To prove they exist.”

“So… we not tell anyone then,” Zen decided. Shi nodded enthusiastically and reached for the honeypot. The flying foxes screeched and wheeled, inhabiting their own reality between the starry sky and the domesticated primates who huddled round the flickering fire below.

A true story

By R. Ayana


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