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World Peace = No More Weapons

World Peace = No More Weapons

Dog God of Raw War by R. Ayana

For centuries, the people of the world have clamoured for peace in the face of barbaric cultures and superstitious cultic systems of belief; the largest and most powerful of these primitive, anthropomorphic personality cults are still known as ‘religions'.

Turmoil and strife has always been promoted by the leaders of our modern feudal systems - that masquerade as new forms of government and society, ruled by the same old faces shorn of their crowns.

Many people realised that simply killing presidents, kings and queens will not suffice in the quest for peace, satisfying as it may seem. Replacing one tyrannical control freak with another will not work and power has the tendency to corrupt; creating world peace requires unilateral disarmament. During the decades of global war and ‘cold' war that characterised the 20th Century, cold corporations - the ‘military-industrial complex' US President Eisenhower warned us of - cemented their hold on the world.

Peace movements struggled in vain against the industrial colossus and its propaganda arms (the mass media). When the Soviet Union imploded and the ideological walls began to fall it finally became possible to stop wasting most of the world's resources on hideous, useless tools of murder and destruction.

During that last, precious, free decade of the second millennium there was no further excuse for any nation to keep - let alone build - nuclear bombs or and other weapons of mass destruction. It was even possible to dismantle all these weapons completely, making it possible for human societies and economies to actually create a better world - and repair the damage caused by industrial ‘civilization'.

Nothing has changed - yet. It's still possible to take the toys from the misguided boys who tell us that we need them and their evil phallic symbols. Keeping warriors and weapons is a very bad idea - they only insure us against themselves.

We Don't Need Another Cold War

Now we can disarm the planet and enter a millennium of peace
. We don't need another cold war, or a hot one - but with climate change and the planetary resource pressures that we continue to create, we also create a climate that can be exploited by the cold warriors and weapons makers.

So let's disarm the world. We can start with the big weapons and work our way down to hand grenades and guns - before we work our way down to them in a less pleasant and wise manner. WE CAN DISARM the WORLD. After all - what's the point of keeping a tool whose only purpose is to murder? International inspection teams can continue their jobs under the auspices of an international organization. A world governance of unity within diversity can rise from the implementation of disarmament itself. We could even call it the ‘United Nations' or some such.

It would need teeth and would become the sole repository of weapons - a power that could only be entrusted to a truly democratic institution with a truly representative ‘Security Council'. It must be a body whose representatives must be elected by the people of their nations - not appointed by their governments. At last we would have a use for all those pointless Heads of State.

We'd also have to ban the manufacture of weapons, of course. We could start by banning the international sale of weapons across borders and locking up all those who would make money from death.

Let's end war now.

Or we can have globalisation - and global catastrophe - instead.

Torch Bearers by R. Ayana 

Images and text (2006) - R. Ayana

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