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Manifestation Manifesto: Creating the World With Sublime Intent

Manifestation Manifesto
Creating the World With Sublime Intent

If we create reality with our wilful perceptions, how can we make a better Creation?

Keeping up with the mind expanding ideas, inventions and new millennial paradigms of physics and philosophy is a challenging pastime. We’re blessed and cursed to dwell in this amazingly interesting time, approaching a singular moment in humankind’s destiny. Some fresh discoveries and revelations directly involve us all. Perhaps you’re familiar with the idea that mind shapes the substrate of matter – that the manifest world is ultimately formed by mindstuff and thought.

It’s not a new concept. Despite constant dickering over the relevance of the quantum realm to the familiar world of our senses, this notion is now a generally accepted truism of the postmodern age, backed by innumerable studies. Plenty of evidence exists for the reality of psychic abilities in humans, but this far more personally challenging truth has yet to gain quite as much mainstream familiarity and acceptance.

Decades of experimentation delving into the effects of mind over matter have proven the case for psychic abilities in humans (and animals) beyond a shadow of doubt, regardless of the nature of damn lying statistics. Telekinesis has been satisfactorily demonstrated and scrutinised on numerous occasions, as have telepathy and precognition. (See Rupert Sheldrake, Reality is Malleable and the articles @ ).
Many new proto-Illuminists take the low road, believing The Secret is that you can simply get whatever material object or person you want for your personal pleasure whenever you can harness your powers of manifestation. But the real secret is that if you wish for money or material things you’re doomed to ultimate mediocrity and dumbed-down cocooning. The best things in life are free; the Golden Touch was not a blessing for King Midas, but a curse.

In bygone and future eras – when psychic abilities are fully recognised – certain facts are well known. If one exploits any psychic abilities that arise as byproducts of achieving specific levels of focus and awareness, progression to deeper and higher levels is automatically blocked. Paths to higher consciousness are filtered by built-in safeguards. Clear motives and compassionate intent yield more fruit than indomitable will.

The implications associated with the reality of ‘mind over matter’ have long been known and exploited by various religious or other occult groups through the ages. The easiest matter to influence from a distance is living matter, and less focused minds have always been regarded as prey by control freaks of all stripes.

We are all connected; the same consciousness peering through several billion sets of eyes. The manifest world is shaped and maintained by collective consciousness. As Cliff High of the website Half Past Human has asserted, if individual human beings are latently (or actually) gifted with psychic abilities then the collective mass of humankind is likely to prove far more accurate in such fields as precognition and remote viewing.

The Global EGG Network operating out of Princeton has repeatedly demonstrated not only that humans affect random number generators, but that a great tide of similar alterations in the nature of chaos occurs around globally charged events – notably including 9/11 and the assassination of Princess Diana. But the reality and implicate power of the noosphere (nouse sphere or collective consciousness) is a concept that’s still taking root in the global mind, evolving as a microcosm of and template for our progressing evolution.

Groups including Transcendental Meditation have claimed that collective meditation directly and noticeably alters the collective and the manifest world. It’s further claimed that harnessing just the square root of one percent of any population will suffice to create a more harmonious society, as shown by sizeably lowered crime rates during periods of massed focused concentration – see . Experiments begun in the 1980s with group meditation linking the heart chakra to the Sun have shown marked correlations with reduced sunspot activity.

There can be no doubt of the incontrovertible fact that mind – your mind – can and does effect changes in the manifest universe, at the very least. Are you aware of the programs running through your mind? Are your thoughts truly your own? Superstition can be defined as believing in things you don’t understand. What is truth, and how can you truly know the truth, rather than merely have faith in something you’ve been trained to believe? That’s what it takes to be a free being; relentlessly honest self examination and keen observation of everything inside and around you.

If you want to do the right thing it helps to know what the right thing actually is – otherwise you might mistakenly contribute your energy to toxic moneymaking scams like religious institutions or supposedly positive ‘good causes’ like poisonous universal vaccination, illusory cancer and AIDS ‘research’ or other ultra-profitable dead ends, instead of doing something worthwhile. After all, if consciousness creates reality, then the easiest reality to directly affect and alter is one’s own physical body and well being. Your health is in your hands (as is the healing touch, or the nourishing light of Reiki) – and it’s all in the mind. Make it so.

The most worthwhile task of all is the Great Work – enlightenment – and as bodhisattvas all aver, no one being can be fully enlightened unless every one can be enlightened.



Whenever great changes for good or ill have occurred in the human condition they’ve usually been spearheaded by a surprisingly small number of people. Humankind exists at a wide range of ages and abilities, with a vast variety of beliefs, habits, attitudes and differing cultural norms. Any small group pulling and pushing or simply guiding in a single direction will often nudge the rest into action, or at least acquiescence, and propel them onto the desired path.

Changing the world (for better of worse) doesn’t require a conscious effort by everyone; perhaps only as little as the square root of one percent of the world’s population will suffice – say the square root of seventy million, or ‘only’ 8,367 people (rounded up).

Until recently anyone who attempted to link up with likeminded beings faced manifold obstacles – twinned tyrannies of distance and time zones, culture and religion, and class/caste and race – which all served as filters and brakes on communication and cooperation. The forerunners of new paradigms have always comprised a tiny minority. Long before the internet and rapid means of communication, each community boasted farsighted individuals who were viewed by their peers as eccentric, at best.

Spreading ideas and joining with likeminded people was a relatively laborious (and more censored and potentially dangerous) task compared to using the freed instantaneous media we experience now. Networking has never been easier, socially or otherwise. We’re all individuals pursuing various dreams and aspirations. Some light workers illuminate the web with images, while others use music, stories, articles or videos to spread their messages across the unmediated true mass medium of our new conscious collective.

Some still bypass the net and directly affect the web of consciousness with guided visualisation, mass meditation or prayer.

The planet has always been a shared global mind comprised of the dreams and perceptions of an amazing variety of life forms. The web of life has many strands; no-one can be certain which are absolutely essential to the continuation of life. All our ecosystems as well as the very landform itself are maintained by the wilful wishes of an exceptionally diverse range of entities, including the obvious animal denizens of our shared world. We can only save ourselves by maintaining a flourishing diversity of lifeforms.

Humankind is but one of the strands in the web of life yet we currently leverage all others, inhabiting the spotlight-blinded centre stage in this collective theatrical display. We have essential parts to play in collective destiny.

Now that we’ve become a global village the internet is evolving into a prefrontal lobe of Gaia. We’re all neurons in the new world chaos of interlinked minds, creating more than just ideas with the connexions and links and citations we create. Focused consciousness alters the world itself, and the easiest parts of the world to shift are those which are already moving; animate and alive beings, including humans.

If your aid to the planetary ecosystem and your fellow beings is limited (by responsibilities or current capabilities) to the work you enact by caring and sharing world-healing ideas online, your precious time and concentration has not been used in vain.

Yet if you’re serious about bringing positive changes into the world, enacting your beliefs to build something truly beneficial or to save something precious may be mandatory if you’re to look your self in the eye. Some imperative changes on Planet Earth require bods on the ground, or under the canopy, or in bright orange inflatable boats, to act in front-line delaying actions while the collective gets its act together.

Enlightenment is the Great Work. It requires no material input. On a material level the most honourable work available to humankind today is the continual protection and ongoing restoration of the habitats we and our ancestors have so thoughtlessly destroyed. This is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy future for ourselves, the other species with which we share the planet and all who come after us. This is the noblest calling of all for those whose work isn’t limited to virtual acts of virtue, or lighting a torch in the cave of the skull.

Environmental action holds paramount place amid the plethora of causes clamouring for our attention. No charitable cause intended to solely benefit humans can ever be more deserving. It takes far more than a thousand years to regrow a healthy thousand year old tree; you need a healthy forest around it first. Legislation to protect the Earth moves much more slowly than a chainsaw or harpoon, and real protection requires sensitive souls on the ground (or in a vessel). Helping the world is helping yourself to a better future.

It’s impossible to really know reality unless one experiences the natural world firsthand. Living in entirely artificial constructs like cities and towns is a fantasy existence where nothing a person can see or hear or touch or smell is natural, or even real. Almost every apparently natural rock or tree has been set in place by human hands, and everything is a construct of the human mind – thoughts literally made concrete. Urban dwellers experience an existence that occurs entirely inside the human mind.

The real world awaits, and it’s far more forgiving and accepting than most human societies. If you’re in a position free enough to strike out and experience the planet beyond ‘civilisation’ you’re part of the small minority the planet is crying out to for direct aid. Saving something real and good is a great way to save your self. Every action brings many reactions that occur on a multitude of levels. The natural world is the best place to learn to listen to the inner voice and follow the inner light.

Moving out of the constant whirl of society is a weaning process that can’t be taken lightly. Leaving constant distraction behind can be difficult – almost as difficult as facing all the inner turmoil we avoid by continual distraction. There is nothing more challenging for modern urban dwellers than learning to quiet the chattering mind and experiencing real peace.

Most are taught to put off living the lives they truly want to lead until ‘later’, but tomorrow never comes for those who wait to pursue their dreams until they’re tired and worn out. By the time humans have matured – by around thirty, when endless urban entertainment begins to pall – it’s high time to strike out and leave waiting behind. It’s also a great time to begin planting food trees and forests, while you can still eventually experience savouring the fruits of your labour. It’s never too early to leave the hive behind, or to examine your mind, or to experience the things that make living worthwhile. 

Meanwhile, there’s always time to dream, to know, to hope and help.

Dreaming the world into paradise is fun – and a far more fun ride than any of the alternatives. Dare to dream of paradise for all and we can still all end up there together – here, living the lives we’ve chosen on a blessed, beautiful jewel of a planet in a gloriously wondrous universe.

- by R. Ayana


P.S. – plenty of room out here in the bush – and plenty of restoration and regeneration of damaged paradisiacal ecosystems that need your help. And please share this!


See 'Transcendental Meditation Experiment Arrests Crime' @

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